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Well Woman Exam Q & A

When should women get well-woman exams?

Well woman exams are an essential part of a woman’s health maintenance and disease prevention at any age. All women should begin having these exams at the age of 18 or as soon as they become sexually active...

Regular exams are necessary, once each year. A woman should keep getting yearly exams for as long as her healthcare provider recommends them. A women’s health provider can provide well-woman exams, and we have these professionals here at our clinic in Thousand Oaks.

What is a well-woman exam? What can I expect during a well-woman exam?

These comprehensive exams are vitalbecause they screen for signs of serious conditions like breast cancer, pelvic disease, and cervical cancer. Also, these exams screen for signs of minor conditions which could become more serious if they're left untreated. These health conditions can be quite common in women, so it's important to have regular exams to screen for them.

The exams are also great opportunities to bring up any health concerns you might have. For example, a woman might be experiencing changes in her period frequency, an overactive bladder, painful menstruation, or other issues. The patient can also bring up any topics relating to things like intimate health, reproductive health, or contraception.

In addition, the provider will offer any preventative care services the patient requires. These can include things like pap smears, mammograms, STD counselling, and testing for patients who could be at risk for particular health issues. At Femme we take your health personally and invite you to come in for your well woman exam once a year.

Is a well-woman exam covered by insurance?

Yes! These exams are vital for women's health, and they're covered by Medicare as well as all major insurances. Medicare covers these exams (including pap smear, pelvic exam, and breast exam) every 24 months for most women, or every 12 months for women who are at high risk for cervical or vaginal cancer. All other insurances typically cover well woman exams every 12 months regardless of risk. Best of all these are usually fully covered visits which means no cost to you. Femme accepts Medicare and most insurances.