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We accept Medicare as well as most PPO and HMO insurance plans. No insurance? No problem! We offer a transparent, no hassle, cash pay pricing system. See below or ask our reception for details at check in.

Level 1

Basic Visit – $190

Vaginal infection, Vulvar itch, STD screen, Breast pain, Birth control discussion, UTI, Medication refill, etc.

Level 2

Intermediate Visit – $220

Abnormal/irregular bleeding, Cramping, IUD/Nexplanon removal, Pre pregnancy counseling, Menopause, Pregnancy confirmation, Nausea/vomiting in pregnancy, Rule out ruptured membranes in pregnancy, etc.

Level 3

Complex Visit – $250

Pelvic pain, Wound care, Abscess, IUD/Nexplanon insertion, LEEP/colposcopy (procedures on the cervix), Fertility evaluation/counseling, Decreased fetal movement, etc.

Make sure to have your driver's license and insurance card handy with you at check in and let our staff know if your insurance information has changed since your last visit or if you have more than one insurance plan.

Please be aware that most insurance plans require you to make a co-pay at the time of your visit. This typically depends on your plan and how much of your deductible you’ve met for the year. If you have any questions regarding this please call your insurance plan. You can find their number on your insurance card.



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