What is hymen and where is it?

Hymen or otherwise known as the virginity tissue is a band of tissue at the opening of the vagina usually torn with intercourse or with any type of manipulation. Hymen can be very thick in some women causing pain with intercourse and difficult to tear. In others, it may be very thin and easily torn.


What is Hymenoplasty or Hymen Repair and hymenal excision?

Hymenoplasty which can also be referred to as Hymen Repair or Hymenorrhaphy is a surgical procedure that restores a torn hymen. A Hymen is a thin membrane that partially closes the vaginal opening and can be easily torn during exercise, sexual intercourse or through the use of tampons.

Sometimes hymenal tissue remains thick and creates an obstruction to the outflow of blood or penetration of the vagina. It can also become hypersensitive and cause pain with touch. Excision of this tissue aims to restore the normal sensation in the vaginal opening and resolve pain.


Cost of Hymenoplasty

The total cost of your hymenoplasty will depend on several factors, including the amount of work involved, which varies from patient to patient. Consult with our physicians at Femme Next Generation Women’s Care in Thousand Oaks, California to determine the price of your surgical procedure.

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