PRP Vaginal Rejuvenation


As we age or experience life events such as childbirth, the labia majora can suffer changes too. Vaginal rejuvenation offers a nonsurgical, minimally invasive option for improving the look and feel of the skin and soft tissue of the labia majora, as well as increasing sensation in the outer vulvar area. This tissue building response is the result of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) and Hyaluronic Fillers. Reach out to Femme Next Generation Women’s Care in Thousand Oaks, CA to talk to one of our caring professionals about the vaginal rejuvenation procedure  and schedule your consultation for a more confident you!


What is the vaginal rejuvenation procedure?

The vaginal rejuvenation procedure is a revolutionary non-surgical treatment that uses the restorative and healing growth factors from your own blood incorporated with a hyaluronic filler to rejuvenate and revive the labia majora and surrounding vaginal tissue. Treatments work to successfully lift the labia and vaginal tissue while also regenerating and replenishing the health and functionality from within.

How does it work?

A minimally invasive procedure, the vaginal rejuvenation procedure is typically a 30-minute in-office visit. The process begins with drawing a small amount of blood from the patient and placing it in a centrifuge. This machine functions to separate the platelet rich plasma from the rest of the blood. A local anesthetic is subsequently applied and the PRP is injected into the vaginal tissue and labia majora and works to naturally restore and repair the tissue by promoting collagen production and natural tightening of the vagina. Hyaluronic acid fillers are also used in order to plump up the labia for a supple and more youthful look.

What can I expect from the vaginal rejuvenation procedure?

You should start to see improvement in sagging about one to two weeks after the procedure. You may need more than one treatment session to see ideal results. There is no downtime associated with the vaginal rejuvenation procedure, although we do ask patients to refrain from sexual intercourse for 48 hours after each treatment. You may experience some temporary redness, swelling, and tenderness at the injection sites.

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