Callie Exas MPH, MS, RDN


NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor

Thus far, Callie’s career path has been a winding road, but she sure has enjoyed the views. Callie has always had a passion for food and health. Growing up in a greek family, food was always at the center of any gathering. During her time at Temple University her passion for food solidified when she did a semester abroad in Italy studying wine economics and the Italian food and agriculture system. It was during that time that she also realized the far reaching impact food has on society, culture, and life experience. Food is so much more than just fuel.

After returning to Philly, Callie completed her Bachelors of Arts in Communications, and moved to NYC to pursue her career in advertising. After 5 years of bouncing around to various agencies, Callie decided it was time to take a leap of faith and quit her job, become a personal trainer, and to return back to school. Realizing her passion for food and health, she decided to earn her Masters of Public Health in Community Nutrition at NYU. It was during that time she worked at the NYC Department of Mental Health and Hygiene facilitating community nutrition programs for adults and children with the aim of improving the accessibility of fresh fruits and vegetables all over the city. While Callie enjoyed community nutrition, she also loved working individually with clients to help improve their health and wellbeing. It was then that she decided to head to Brooklyn College to complete her Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition and become a full time Registered Dietitian.

Why women’s health? With so much misinformation about nutrition along with that fact hat women’s food relationships are tied to their worth, and body image, Callie understands the nuances of how nutrition plays a huge role in women’s sense of self and health. Callie decided to specialize in women’s health to help women heal their mind body connection through science based nutrition guidance that focuses on positive body image and balanced hormones for healthy weight, better energy, stamina and resilience. Diet is personal and there is no one size fits all approach. With her clients, Callie takes a holistic look at the biological, physiological and psychological components of her client’s nutrition and lifestyle factors in order to help them reject diet culture mentality and take an empowered approach to their health and wellness.

Callie lives with her husband, Tim, and pup, Finley.

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